We use sunlight as a distinctive decorative element, increasing the aesthetic appeal of your interior. Along with making things look better, more natural light will simply make you feel better.

Family-owned and operated, Sparkle Skylights specializes in solar solutions for the workplace and home. By using green technology and high-quality trusted brands such as Velux, we can let the outside world in and still save you money on your electric bills. Got an older system? No problem, since we can either repair what you have or replace it with upgraded tech.

Along with superior products, we offer the workmanship of a superior staff. Years of experience means you can rest easy knowing our team will do the work correctly the first time. No more worrying about leaks or drafts in your skylight windows; you’ll enjoy efficient operation for years to come. Better yet, our product and craftsmanship warranties are the best in the industry and, with every step of the way, you’ll be provided with customer service that’s thoughtful and responsive. Contact us today to take the first step to a brighter future!