A solar tube is a great way to bring beautiful natural sunlight into living and workspaces that aren’t on the exterior of a building. All of the benefits of skylights, and none of the temperature changes, installing solar tubes in your Chicago area home or business is quick and easy thanks to the experienced installation specialists from Sparkle Skylights. Enjoy brilliant sunlight in any room in your building with a brand new solar tube. Call us today and arrange for your free consultation. We’re committed to providing exceptional services at affordable rates. We serve cities, like Kenilworth, Lake Bluff, and Hawthorn Woods.

  1. The Benefits of Solar Tubes

    It’s no secret that we here at Sparkle Skylights love skylight windows. They effortlessly make any home or business feel brighter and more spacious. We’re also big fans of solar tubes. While many have heard of solar tubes or sun tunnels, they may not understand the benefits that they offer. Not …Read More