We’vee compiled a list of those questions I hear most often. If you have any that aren’t addressed here, we invite you to contact the super friendly staff at Sparkle Skylights when it’s convenient for you.

What services and products do you provide?

Sparkle Skylights is proud to offer a wide variety of day lighting solutions for homes and businesses in the Chicago area. We sell numerous accessories, offer installation of sky lighting systems and repair and replacement services.

Why should we do business with you over a general home improvement contractor?

Simply put, we specialize in skylight windows and only skylight windows. That means we’ve got the expertise and equipment to properly install a daylighting system and ensure that no leakage occurs. Plus, we offer both a product protection and service warranty that’s virtually unbeatable by the competitions.

Does your company partner with contractors?

Absolutely. It’s very common for us to work with architects, contractors, roofers, and interior designers. We do so to ensure seamless work for our clients.

Does your company subcontract your technicians?

Definitely not. Our technicians and installers are all highly trained employees of Sparkle Skylights. We also carry liability and workers compensation insurance.

Is it true skylights are leaky?

Traditionally, acrylic and glass skylight windows could leak. That usually happened due to improper maintenance and installation, design flaws, or the fact that they simply weren’t built to last. With enormous advances in technology, plus technicians with a great deal of training, today’s skylight windows can last for decades and not leak.

Will skylight windows make my home or office uncomfortably warm?

No, as our skylight systems are designed to block out the majority of passive infrared heat. Plus, we offer solar paneled “Fresh Air” skylight systems that feature a concealed solar panel that captures energy from sunlight. This energy is used to power a system that can open and close the skylight to allow fresh air in.

How much are installations and repairs?

When you contact Sparkle Skylights for service appointments, we’ll come to your home or place of business and provide you with a no-cost and no-obligation estimate.