People in Glenview love having skylight windows installed in their homes and businesses. They allow natural light to fill their work and living spaces, making any room feel more welcoming. But in many cases, homeowners have a lot of questions surrounding the installation and addition of skylight windows to their home. This isn’t surprising, as though they may serve the same function as regular windows, there are unique elements of skylights that can leave some wondering. In today’s blog post, the team at Sparkle Skylights will take some time to address of these frequently asked questions.

How Do I Choose The Right Size Skylight Window?

This is perhaps the question that we get the most. Choosing the right size skylight window is dependant on a number of factors. To begin with, our installation technicians will look at the rafter spacing of your roofline. This will give them a sense of how wide your window can be. Then they’ll examine the size of the room it is going in. Smaller rooms can be overwhelmed by larger skylight windows, and larger rooms may not benefit from smaller windows. Finally, they have to consider the depth of the shaft, that is how much space there is between the skylight window itself and the ceiling. Your technician can offer you insights into which size window is feasible for your room.

How Long Does Skylight Window Installation Take?

This question has a rather surprising answer. Installing skylights is not the time-intensive process that many homeowners believe it to be. Typically, a skylight window can be installed in a single day. This means that you don’t have to worry about rain water, leaves, or squirrels sneaking into your home overnight.

Are Skylight Windows Prone To Leaks?

We’ve all dealt with a leaky roof, or window, so many homeowners are suspicious as to the effectiveness of skylight windows at keeping water out of their homes. When installed properly, skylight windows will not suffer from leaks of any kind. In general, if your skylight window is experiencing a leak, it may be because the window was installed improperly, and water is leaking in from around the window itself. In some cases, it may be damage to the roof, and that water is collecting and leaking down the side of the skylight.

What’s The Most Common Reason To Replace A Skylight?

Many might think that skylights need to be replaced after every heavy hail storm, but the fact is that skylight windows are quite resilient. In fact, they do a great job of repelling most anything that the weather can throw at it. In general, our technicians only replace windows that are old. It’s not uncommon to find skylight windows on houses that are 25 years old. With time, the seals around a skylight can degrade and fail, allowing leaks, or air to escape.

In our next blog, we’ll cover some more frequently asked questions about skylight windows. Until then, give Sparkle Skylights a call and arrange for a technician to visit your home, and provide a free estimate on how much it might cost to install skylight windows in your Glenview home. Call us today to get started!