For something that’s perfectly clear, there’s a surprisingly hazy understanding of skylight windows. There are plenty of myths that surround these brilliant additions to your home or business. As the Chicago area’s leading provider of skylight windows, the experts at Sparkle Skylights thought they’d take some time to shed some light on these myths.

Skylights Are Prone To Leaks

This myth likely originated from people moving into older homes with skylights. Over time, these homes have shifted on their foundation, and their skylights shifted in place along with it. Water and moisture are then able to sneak into these new cracks and drip into the home. Modern skylights make use of air and watertight designs, as well as sealants that keep moisture from getting into your home.

Skylights Impact The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

Many years ago, skylights were not as well designed or manufactured as they are today. The result was that they could let drafts in and out of your home. HVAC systems would expand more energy to make up for this drafty skylight. However, thanks to various glazes, treatments, and laminates, modern skylights are now able to limit the amount of solar gain your home experiences, while still letting in plenty of natural light. The result is a home that uses less energy powering their electric lights and doesn’t strain their HVAC systems.

There’s No Way To “Turn Off” A Skylight

Regular windows that are installed in your vertical walls can be quickly blocked by curtains and blinds, allowing you to block the light coming into your space. Because skylights are installed in the ceiling, out of reach of many people, there is a perception that light will continue to pour in unabated until the sun goes down. This couldn’t be more false! Not only do our technicians install skylights, they can also install curtains and blinds on your skylights that can be operated via a touchpad remote. You can enjoy as much or as little daylight as you want with skylight windows.

Skylights Are Prone To Damage

It would make sense that a large panel of glass located on the top of your roof would be subject to more environmental abuse than your regular vertical windows. Falling tree branches, hail, heavy snow, and more can attack your skylights. Fortunately, modern-day skylight glass is made from impact-resistant materials that ensure your skylight windows don’t crack under pressure. You can enjoy years of problem free lighting when you have durable, modern skylights installed in your home in Northbrook.

Skylight Windows Are Expensive

While this may be the case with our competitors, this certainly isn’t the case at Sparkle Skylights! We offer free estimates on skylight window and solar tube installation for home and business owners in Northbrook and the surrounding Chicago area. With our special offers and incredible warranty options, we make installing skylight windows affordable and easy!

Let in the light and work with Sparkle Skylights today!