Welcome back to our blog series on the benefits of installing skylights. If you read part one, you’ll know that skylight windows can reduce the amount of energy you use, and can save you money on your utility bills. They can also make a big impact on your quality of life, as sunlight and nature can uplift your mind and body.

In part two of our series, we’ll cover a few more benefits of skylights. If you’re looking for a luminous new way to lighten up your home or business in Grayslake, contact Sparkle Skylights today, and ask about our free and accurate installation estimates.

Why Skylights Benefit Your Building

On average, people spend almost 90 percent of their day inside and only receive any natural lighting through their windows. We think that’s a shame, especially since Grayslake gets almost 200 days of sunshine a year! Sparkle Skylights wants people to get more natural lighting into their homes and businesses, and so we’ve created this short blog outlining the benefits of skylights.

More Sunlight Means Fewer Allergens And Bacteria

Every home and business owner does their best to keep their place clean. It’s why we vacuum and dust and wipe everything down with cleaning wipes. But there are pockets of naturally occurring allergens and bacteria that we often miss when cleaning our living and working spaces. These pockets of irritants can lead to respiratory illnesses or aggravate those who already have them. Natural lighting helps to lessen the production of harmful molds and allergens that build up in our homes and businesses. Sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant.

They Let Light In While Maintaining Your Privacy

We all love the look of those large plate glass picture windows. Whenever we see them, we think of afternoons spent lounging on a couch reading a book in front of them bathed in sunlight. But then we look up to see our neighbor staring at us through their kitchen window. It’s jarring to the say the least. Skylight windows can grant you that same sense of serenity without the nosey neighbors. You can flood your living and working spaces with sunlight and still find a place that grants you all the privacy you need.

They Aid Your Vision

As we age, our eyesight naturally worsens. And in the modern era, full of brightly lit screens and surfaces, that process can be dramatically accelerated. As your vision worsens, you’ll need more lighting to see clearly. Installing skylight windows in your home or business brings in natural light that makes it easier to see, and is easier on your eyes than artificial light. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a well-lit home, while also helping maintain your eyesight and seeing more clearly.

Brighten Up Your Space

We hope that our blog series has made the benefits of installing skylight windows transparent. They can help to make your home or business cleaner, healthier, and more private. If you’re interested in installing window skylights in your building in Grayslake, give Sparkle Skylights a call. We’ll send our friendly and skilled specialists out to conduct a free estimate, and then fit your building with as many beautiful skylights as your heart desires! Contact us today to find out more.