Skylight windows are a great addition to any home or business. They brighten up the space and reduce your dependency on artificial lighting. You’ll enjoy the feeling of the natural light and warmth that a skylight window allows into your rooms. If you’re thinking of having skylights installed in your home or business in the Chicago area, here are a few things to keep in mind before you make the decision and call Sparkle Skylights.

Consider Placement

Unlike the windows on the sides of your building, with skylight windows, you need to be particularly aware of where you’re placing them. You’ll want to position your skylight windows in the part of your roof that gets the most sun year round. For most homes, this is typically the north-facing roof. With your skylight window placed there, you’ll enjoy a fine amount of natural sunlight regardless of the time of year or season. That said, if you’re more focused on energy savings, we suggest that you position your skylight windows on the south-facing roof.

When To Get The Installed

While skylight windows can be installed year-round, it’s important to be strategic in your timing. While in the Chicago area, summertime is ideal because it’s warm and sunny, some parts of the season are rainier than others. Because your skylight installation team is cutting a large hole in your roof, you’ll want to pick a part of the season that isn’t rainy, and you’ll want to have a window a few days to let the work get done. Inclement weather, like snow, rain, and even strong winds, can put a halt to the work that’s being done to install your skylight windows.

Size Accordingly

One of the most common mistakes we see on homes and business is that the owner selected skylight windows that are simply too small. Many look at the size of the window when it’s down on the ground next to them. While it may look large on the ground, it’s going to look and feel smaller when it’s installed in your roof. There is a common misconception that larger skylight window panes are going to inflate the cost of the installation. In fact, a large majority of the costs surrounding the installation stem from the labor costs of installing the window, not the window itself. So dream big, and put in the biggest skylight window you can fit on your roof!

Keep Looks In Mind

While you might like to have skylight windows on every surface of your roof, the fact is that these windows look better in some spots on your home than others. Generally, passersby and potential homebuyers find that a skylight window on the front of the house is a jarring visual feature. We suggest placing them on the sides or rear of your home. For an added visual appeal, you can line them up with existing features like doors and windows. Don’t forget to accessorize with shades and blinds too!

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